I'll do it again sometime.

"I'll do it again sometime", he says, looking up and out to the horizon. "Buy a new ETSA car, a baby blue Ford Fairlane stationwagon, put the dog in the back, haul the kids down to the beach, playing some Elvis. Aldinga, Henley or Glenelg...I don't know. Go for a walk and breathe the good air. Get a little sun and whole lot of goodness. Maybe get some ice cream, a flake in a cone, dripping, goopy down to the elbows. Enough blathering, but I'll do it again sometime, yes I will. Are you coming along? We can stop and park in the shade, give the dog a drink from the bottle, roll down the windows and listen to the gulls. Smell the lead in the air, the salt on your arm, the Pacific stretching to Antarctica right in front of us. It's bright out here, and those yahoos with the footy on too loud are spoiling everything. It's just like at the Port. isn't it? C'mon, let's go for a walk, grab the stumps would you? Don't forget the leash and the esky. Down and over the sand dunes, out onto the beach, white, wide, half empty and blistering. Good thing you've got your thongs and a hat. Here's good, it's nice and flat, the ball will bounce good. Hey, set up the wickets, measure out the pitch. Who's going in first? Don't bother with the sunscreen, it'll just wash off. Go get your head wet and then we'll see. Here, take the dog. Aahhhh. No, I'm not going to wear shorts. Look at that one there, would you - who does he think he is? Alright, Alright. Where's my hat? Get the bat and tennis ball, let's go, yes, you can bat first. Who's playing wicketkeeper? Yeah, I'll take some of that sunscreen. Here, slap it on... I'm going back there. Down under, one day. I'll do it again sometime, yes I will."