Blando Calrissian.

That swirling cape, that city in the clouds. At once both safe and dangerous, double-edge crossed, relief won our simple hearts. In the darkness I sat in awe. Robots scurrying, jetpacks and trumpets. A guise and trick, we were all led into the trap. Alone for the purity, in a matinee respite from the heat and embarrassing glare. A new private kingdom, burping Hungry Jacks and the first layers of regret. Sitting stunned afterwards, traveling far below lightspeed, but soaring in the windows rushing reflection. Unknowing the deception just seen, uncaring of the fiction, transfixed by the impossibility, awakened from a boy's hibernation. Now, suddenly everything familiar was a poorer, bland monotone reality. So...earthbound. Stricken by an impatience, and yet stricken too by a new virus. Beguiling, itchy, craving the wonder, it landed, insinuating that day. A trap of my own making, forever above the clouds, smirking.