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It's all fuzzy and heat waved here. Back by the sea, walking with 7 nation's escapees, breaking waves and trying to drown the last 2 years. It's all shimmering away, that other half-life, now far and unfocussed. From under the water, all I see is a white mirror above, pulling me back, forcing a surfacing, push left, push right, push random. These invisible forces live here too. On Flatland I'm pulling in heavy air to a music of cricket-radar and evaporation. Nothing seems possible, no plans, no destinations. It's all an overwhelming futility, a halfhearted push against the hard heavy labour of immovable weights. Uphill in 60 centigrade. Nothing seems possible between the splashes and the dives, the gravity and the expectation. But this nothingness is just someone else's Tuesday.