Layer Cake Dusk

Spirit got lost there in the desert. Maybe it was the horizon, maybe it was the haste. Chasing the sun through a moonscape of closure and desperation, passing silvering clumps of RV hovels, the spinifex and blood earth a hard home to those who had given in, given up, given it all. We sluiced the shiny road at fake speeds, chasing microdots through our mirage of domestic satisfaction. And then that gash, that brittle layer cake, plummeted beneath us. We lost light, sediment by sedimentary moment, until it crept up into an absurd fuscia Miami haze. The canyon breeze untangled hair from your dark eyes, unlocking youth, whispering of 1987. Something eroded then, some dampening spirit took to the edge, and feeling the stir of possibility, stepped out and onto the nothing. Stirred, humbled, reminded, we cateyed it back to bling city.