Two wheel flying.

The magpies warble laugh from their ghost gums,
Here comes another under our tails.
Here's the bike track, where I raced my imagination,
Always counter clockwise,
Lightspeed and dangerous.
Walking the same descents and jumps today,
tracing, divining, pebble-reading,
seeing the same patterns in some other boy's tyres 
Go wide on the corners, roll high up the side
Brace for the double....
But a different gravity today.
Sunset says it's just a path
lifeworn and waiting
even the weeds know it was always just a Sunday diversion.
Stone and hill still unchanged
The only shade six almond trees, 
happy climbed knot by fork,
sandpaper barked even then,
my father smoking underneath 
his grownup seriousness rising into my lungs.